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CCTV Cameras and Remote Guns

What is a remote gun?

Think of a CCTV camera that can also shoot at the criminals- that is a remote gun! Sublethal remote guns are designed to fight back against criminals while keeping the user safely from harm. The remote guns use a standard CCTV camera, so you can use your existing CCTV system and upgrade the cameras so that they move and shoot!

Why use a remote gun?

There are 6 very good reasons why you should use Sublethal Remote Guns:

  1. Some armed response companies react quicker than others, usually they respond within a few minutes. Sublethal remote guns are armed and fighting within 4 seconds, fearless, lightning fast and exactly where you need them. When your family is at risk, seconds means lives. Sublethal remote guns actively fight back against criminals without putting you at risk.
  2. Using a firearm on a criminal in South Africa is a problem for the firearm owner/ homeowner. In the event that the criminal is killed, the SAPS have to open a docket for murder against the homeowner. The homeowner will have their firearm confiscated for ballistic tests and the homeowner will also have to appear in court. This is a huge burden on the innocent both in time and legal fees. In the event that the criminal was not carrying a firearm, then the homeowner may face jail time. Sublethal Remote Guns do not require a licence and they use non-lethal force, so the chance of serious injury is low.
  3. Using a firearm against a criminal places your life at risk. Why face up against armed criminals? Why put your life at risk when a machine can do it for you?
  4. Remote guns are so easy to use that there is no need to get out of bed in the middle of the night to check suspicious noises. Sleep better knowing that there are no threats outside.
  5. Remote guns are orders of magnitude cheaper that human security guards in the long term. Remote guns can be used by businesses as force multipliers to reduce security costs. One unarmed security guard using remote guns can engage many armed robbers without fear of being hurt or victimised. Homeowners can rarely afford a 24 hour security guard on their property but Sublethal Remote Guns are affordable for many families.
  6. Remote guns give a disproportionate advantage to the defender. The criminal stands little chance of winning a fight against a machine. Knowing that their only option is to lose is highly demoralising for criminals.

Can I try a Sublethal Remote Gun before I buy?

Yes, we offer various options for you to try out Sublethal Remote Guns so that you can make an informed decision. Please visit the Test a Remote Gun page for details.

How much does a remote gun cost?

Please visit the Buy a Remote Gun page for details . A remote gun costs much less than security guards and have many advantages over security guards.

Security guard R20 000 to R70 000 per month 24 hour security guard service with
12 hour rotation in Johannesburg
Sublethal Remote Gun R19 500 once off
R1650 per month for a year
Base model. Excluding installation.

Keep in mind that you can use your existing CCTV equipment with a remote gun (DVR, NVR, cables, power supplies, etc.)

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Do I need a license for a remote gun? What laws are applicable?

No, you do not need a license for a Sublethal Remote Gun. Sublethal Remote Guns use a Paintball gun as the main weapon. In South Africa a paintball gun is excluded from the Firearms Control Act

Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000: 5. (1) For purposes of this Act, the following devices are not regarded as firearms: (h) a paintball gun;

It is established that a paintball gun is a self defence weapon: an employee of Ethekwini (South African Government) used a paintball gun for warning/self defence which clearly shows that a paintball gun is being used for defence:

It is important to note that paintball guns can cause injury and damage, so it is important to use a remote gun in the same way that one would use any other weapon:

What if I accidentally shoot someone?

The hand controller for a remote gun can be locked with a key. To arm the remote gun, the key must be inserted and turned to the ON position. Only then will the trigger button be active. A shot from a Sublethal remote gun is extremely painful and may cause injuries but is unlikely to kill or cause permanent damage. A shot to the face is very dangerous.

Is a remote gun difficult to use? What training is required?

A remote gun is extremely easy to use and requires a few minutes of familiarisation. Small children can easily use the Sublethal remote gun, which is why every controller has a key to lock the controller and prevent children from using it.

No formal training is required, a few minutes of testing is enough for most people to become excellent shots with the Sublethal Remote Gun.

Note that only responsible people should be given access to use the remote gun.

What maintenance is required for a remote gun?

Sublethal remote guns are sold with maintenance schedules which need to be followed. Cleaning and maintenance is required every few months, depending on operating conditions and how often the remote gun is used.

This page was last updated on 29 November 2018.